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Hilde Schbeicker
25 January 2006 @ 07:57 pm
As much as some people would like it, I'm NOT dead. Unless we talk about work, that is. :)

So... is there anybody out there? :)

And if you're one of the imposters, PLZ don't bother.
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Hilde Schbeicker
11 October 2005 @ 02:04 pm
Dear Fake!Duo:

In regards to the latest ctap stunt pulled by you...

. . .

You SURE you took the goddamn pregnancy correctly, or something? I.e, what body fluids you used on it?

Because I *can't* believe WTF is going on. Reeeeeeally. And you know I'm not an homophobe, or whatever. I'm just a pragmatic person who doesn't think thing are going the srot-of Right Way.

Still all OMG WTF BBQ,


PD: Why on Earth is this room so goddamn cold when there's no real winter in the colonies? Spooky... O_o
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Hilde Schbeicker
18 August 2005 @ 07:33 pm

She's fallen asleep. Or comatose. Whatever. The fake Relena simply closed her eyes several days ago *and has simply stayed like that*. She looks like a sort-of Sleeping Beauty on crack.

I, Danny and Gina have examined her Mop-sama and Bag-sama, to no avail. Her bag is completely empty, and when I put my hand in I *could not reach the bottom*. It's a sort of black hole, I swear. *Where* the hell does she *really* keep all of the stuff she uses? Lordie, only imagining it is a trianwreck.

And her Mop just won't move from the corner. Since she fell asleep, it has been impossible to move it. It weighs a TON, so much that not evne us three have been able to lift it up.

This woman is maybe the weirdest person I've never ever met. Aside of the Duo imposter. Who claims not that he's PREGNANT.

Oh, shit. What did we get into NOW?
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Hilde Schbeicker
22 June 2005 @ 02:49 am
Shhhh! All of you that are around, don't mke any noises!

* finishes tying the sleeping Pink Bitch to the guest room's bed *

* sits down by her side with the Pink Bag-sama on her lap and the Pink Mop-sama lying on the floor *

Okay... who has some free time and is an expert in the interrogation fields? We should NOT miss the chance to knwo what hte hell's in that Pink Head of Hers...
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Hilde Schbeicker
22 June 2005 @ 02:12 am
After some hours of work...

And many sucky trial-free firewalls and systems vulnerated...

I and Dan hacked into Wufei's PC and deleted all those stupid fake or tergiversed pictures of Duo and Heero that we found in his hard drive.

Winners are us. :P And Wufei, don't even try to pull that trick on anybody again. I'll find my way to whatever PC you're using and ruin your schemes.
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Hilde Schbeicker
13 June 2005 @ 07:04 pm
I've been catching up with all the work I had on hold due to my injury. So, so sorry I kept you people waiting for any answers, information besides the strictly necessary one, or anything. I had my hands full to the top, but I'll try to make up for it.

And Gina, no, Miss Relena isn't my girlfriend. She's one of the persons I've promised to help and protect so that we can achive peace. And she's also nice, around my same age, and very mature for someone that young - But heck, not because we're two single girls who get along a lot...

Ah, seems my brain isn't fully recovered. Oh well. I think I'll make it work better by concentrating in my work and my plans to catch the Fake!Miss Relena. I'm damn curious to see what the hell she has in that pink head of hers; knowing that would explain a lot about the whole imposters deal. A brainwashed kid used in experiments? A failed clone? A real imposter wanting to difamate her? The world will never know if we don't get our paws on her and the others. XD

Well, I'll check my e-mail. I hope Duo (the real one) got what he went searching for.
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Hilde Schbeicker
25 May 2005 @ 03:49 pm
... Though I bet some would like that. :/

Just wanted to tell you all that I'm much better. My wound is almost healed, and though I still feel a little weak, I'll start catching-up with work right now. I'm sorry, real sorry to make you all worry about me.

Ah!, and Heero, not *all* the guns I have are mortal. Some are relatively harmless, since they're equipped with stunning devices - don't worry about killing HER. I know Miss Relena would like to get info from the crazy girl impersonating her, so!

Now, off to work! * tries to comb her bangs better, so they cover the scar on her forehead *
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Hilde Schbeicker
16 May 2005 @ 04:30 pm
As soon as I'm fully recovered from the injury that the Pink *itch gave me last time, She's So Dead. Who would've thought that a Big Stupid Pink Mop could hurt THAT damn much, after you have your head hit with it?

I'm still dizzy whenever I spent too much time on my feet, and have to pass hours either sitting or in bed. Thank God I have a laptop now, so I can use it instead of the big PC - it saves me lots of trouble and walking. But even then, I'm uncomfortable, and trying to keep my usual rhythm of work has almost caused me to collapse once or twice.

And what embarrasses me the most is that Miss Relena was nursing me. *I* was supposed to help her and all, and she was the one who kept her cool and even tended to my injury. Seems I got a little carried away with all the tale of Protecting the Princess when I'm not exactly a Knight in Shining Armor, eh?

Oh, well. I'll have to learn from my mistakes. No use crying over spilled milk.
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Hilde Schbeicker
13 May 2005 @ 04:01 am
Even *I* am doing this stuff. Woe is meCollapse )

Can't say it's too accurate at some parts. If I brooded as much as it says, I'd be a Madgalene now. And I've tried to stop judging people because of the first impressions. Ah, well.

Things are calmer. No Pink *itch (insert B or W at will) or Braided Idiot in the surroundings. Heero and the real Duo aknowledged my request and now are less... noisy. Gina is doing well, Lindsay says, and Dan is actually checking more carefully the websites he goes in when off-work.

Miss Noin hasn't contacted me about anything else, so it seems Miss Relena is doing okay. Thank God. :)

I shall be back to work soon, though. My fingers are already itching for some action.
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Hilde Schbeicker
10 May 2005 @ 06:29 pm
Er, Dan? You're a nice boy, you work hard to help us, and you aknowledge that I need some help... but you shouldn't bring your sister Gina along for the ride. She's a 100% civilian, and while she's a nice girl and is very eager to help, I don't think it'd be good to get her involved in the resistance. She could be hurt by either manipulating stuff the wrong way, or not being able to defend herself physically when attacked...

And no, I'm not telling you this because she's a woman. I'd be the colony's biggest hypocrite if I ever did it. * stares at her own reflection in the mirror *

Gina, you're a nice girl, but please search for another way to help than getting directly involved with us despite your lack of experience...

* thinks about the matter... and later has an idea *

Wait, Gina. I *do* have some friends who could train you, so you'll be lots more helpful to them than to me... Your brother will stay here for a while, since he's handling quite a bit of info that we ned. I'll ask Duo to tell Lindsay from the next cluster to start training you, so you can help us effectively when ready. Seems to be the best way to make everything work...

Whoa, it's not easy to tell people like this that, even with all of their youthful beliefs and will to help, they can't do a lot for you. *sigh*
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